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What's Your Internet/Data source?

Off-Topic: I just want to know how many of you use a dedicated wifi/fiber connection and how may still rely on mobile data like me?
Wifi/Fiber users please share your provider name, experience, plans and pricing
I’m looking for a fiber connection from Airtel in my area :face_with_monocle:
But unfortunately no fiber connection is available still yet :cry:

I use Airtel broadband, 40 Mbps plan, unlimited data (3,333 GB), 590 monthly cost (499 plan + GST).

Airtel experience is also good, for any issue if we file a complaint, service person usually visits within one day.


I’m also looking for Airtel Fiber Connection but airtel said they are still working to expand…
Jio Fiber is also unavailable at PIN Code 713212.

Type Fiber
Plan 30 Mbps
Cost INR 470.82/monthly (Including all taxes)
Review 5/5 stars
Remark Coming from Meghabela, Railwire, Alliance, SITI, Jio is the best than all. Go for it if you get chance. Also, Cloudflare routes most nearest PoP with this ISP which earlier was not possible with previous ISP.

@GulshanKumar sir not yet launched in my location.

I’m using Hathaway 150Mbps plan. I used BSNL broadband unlimited plan previously.

Do you see any chance for Jio? If yes, wait and meanwhile use a SIM that has best network. I use this app to check signal. Usually under -95 is decent. Some smartphone also displays in the about section. You can also find best network info via Trai site.

Alternative option, try consulting local ISP. Usually setup cost under INR 5000. What I found interesting, Jio costs lot less. Reseller usually charges more as it’s their business.

I’m using two ISPs in Delhi.

  1. ACT Fibernet ( This is mostly used for work (Internet access to some servers, Office Wifi and some other internal applications that need access via VPN). Speed is 300/300Mbps with Unlimited (3500GB) Data.

  2. Airtel Broadband (now known as airtel Xtream Broadband). This is mostly used for Home internet (wifi and lan). Speeds are 300/30Mbps The upload speeds keep on fluctuating on airtel so it is not good for streaming or uploads hence I don’t use it for work.

I can recommend ACT fibernet if it is available in your area. I am planning to switch to Jio Fiber when they start servicing my area. Currently, they don’t have a timeline for my area so I’m stuck with airtel for the time being. All in all, in my area particularly, airtel services are worthless.

After filling form in the My Jio app it is showing we are coming to your location soon.
I think no fiber service is launched yet for my area, Even Tata Sky Broadband, VI Fiber etc , none of them.
@GulshanKumar sir you are using 30MBPS plans, so what’s the highest speed limit you have achieved in this plan? and @Saksham what’s your highest limit you have noticed with Airtel Fiber?
As far as I know, Airtel gives up to 45-50MBps limit on this 40MB plan. and Jio gives less than 30MBps on this 30MBPS plan.

Avg 27 Mbps. (Approximately 3.37 MB/s)

Finally, I have installed Alliance Broadband, just a day ago.

I have chosen 20Mbps plan (Cost: Rs.400/- +GST) but getting almost more than 2x (with 2.4Ghz wifi adapter ) speed on Ookla, Google Speed Test and Fast. com


Sometimes the speed hits 100Mbps for Download and Upload but not constant


I use local broadband service which gives approx 5 Mbps speed of internet. sometime it fluctuate and speed get down.