What's your typing speed?

As a blogger, your success and profit hugely depend on how fast you are publishing quality content.

Most bloggers write their own content and some - outsource.

So, what’s your normal typing speed when you are taking a typing test.

And what’s your typing speed when you are writing a blog post?

Hi, This is my typing speed when taking a typing test.

However, I’m pretty sure that my testing speed will be low when writing a blog post. I think a lot while writing and I need to improve on this part to speed up my blogging time.

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In this year I’m trying to crank out 20-25k words monthly.

And hopefully it will become a habit to write more and hit 40k+ words per month next year.

My 10 minute typing test average is 50. And normal high is 54… Couple of times crossed 56 mark. (2 words might seem small but takes lot of effort :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

8-9 months ago I was only typing 34-36 WPM.

I have monitored some of my article sessions - for easy subjects 1 hour average 20wpm, Little bit fact checking & seeing notes then 14wpm.

Overall for every article close to 2 hour for 1k words.

Goal is to write 900 - 1000 words in one hour.

It will potentially 1.5- 2x my output.

Does anyone here write 30-50 k words per month here…?

Would like to get some tips & how their writing sedule looks like… @saurav_556

I do a few things to boost my writing speed but it totally depends on whether i am working from home, travelling or i am at some other place.

  1. if working from home i will use google docs and voice typing. Basically you narrate everything in one go. You would be surprised a 1000 word article just takes 30 mins this way. Once roughly done with narration i go back and correct grammatical errors and typo through gramarly.

  2. Research the topic well, listen youtube podcast and read well before staring to write. I do the research while traveling, getting ready and on my free time in between. That way when i sit to work i know exactly what i ahve to write. This helps in cutting down the time as well.

  3. Also waking up early and writing at that time without any distraction helps a lot. I usually write one article daily in morning and edit 1-2 articlea from my writers throughout the day. That way i can get 4-5k words out daily. Obviously on different websites. You don’t want to publish too quickly in one website as google will think its outsourced and you lose authority in that case.


I type slow as other says were you sleeping on keyboard… :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Totaly makes sense.

I usually write well At 7pm/am, 4.10pm

Now I’ll plan and create post outline & take all the notes on Evernote… So that I can write in my peak hours.

Maybe prepare resources for 6-7 articles at once ( everything needed to write that article) then write them throughout the week.


You know snail right?, Yes that’s how slow I’m. I always have a lot on my mind even though I’m still single.

All your replies are like blog posts. :grinning:



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Using the typing test online, I scored 60 WPM with 100% accuracy last time I checked

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My typing speed is approx 62 WPM with 99% accuracy. I check it on online. To write a blog typing speed is a more important factor.