Where can i do this?

I want to create a URL where a user will have to pay to get access to the content, for example, a user pays $5 to get the download link to an ebook, pictures etc. Any online service that does that where you can make a URL private and only visible once the user pays?

Try Gumroad

Or just setup PayPal. Once the use pays, you can redirect him to download page.

Use e-junkie to create cart or use authpro to redirect after payment.

Thanks for the suggestion, i cannot receive money via paypal in my country so i am limited to choices, also most of these people pay via paypal which again is not possible for me.

Buymeacoffee is a good website however their payout sucks i waited more than a month to receive my payment via payoneer even that after sending multiple emails to them.

Is there any other option?

It would be good if a service did that for me, since paypal is not working for me and adding a credit card payment method is not a good option.

Both of these have more options other than PayPal.

Have you tried Gumroad?

or use Stripe!

if you have developed your site with WordPress cms then use this plugin WordPress Download Manager it will solved your problem

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Stripe doesn’t work in my country as well :confused: gumroad is not the right one for me :frowning: , the problem is to receive the money.

This is a good plugin but it allows paypal only.

In that case just put “your country + payment gateway”. Choose one the gateways which has good integration with other networks and payments.

It seems applying the payment wall is not your issue. Your issue would be to find a payment gateway which supports you.

Once you find that then you can use woocommerce or other payment gateway plugins.

Example in India instamojo and ccavenue are some of the good ones for payment gateways.

Which country you are from?