Where else to sell my services?

Hello everyone,

There is a question in my mind from some long time, so thought of taking insights from all of you guys. I started Blogging nearly 3 year ago. Slowly switched to SEO, then to other things like Affiliate marketing, Dropship and now landed at freelancing.

It’s now a year I am selling my services at Fiverr. During this period, I was nearly 4 months (2-2 months each) in out of office mode due to MST and Finals.

But still Fiverr worked great for me. I had done work worth 1500$ now and within a month or two I am sure I will be a level 2 seller.

I know html, css (+ a little bit of js) now. I had experience with WP, Blogspot, Kajabi, Wix and Shopify and yeah I can do writing work and related stuff.

I have worked on elementor for many hours (atleast I have spend 10+ hours) and had a good grip over it also.

So I hope these details are enough. Now thing is what I do to scale ahead? I pretty much earn 50$ average from my sites ( I spend 1-2 hour /week on them and not much ) .

Upwork is not accepting my profile and freelancer.com I donot trust actually? So where should I signup more now? Also what to do to get some more custom clients?

I have some permanent clients from fiverr, but most of time, people order and then they fade off. I also cannot ping them back with offers because of Fiverr TOS.

Any guidance will be appreciated? I still had a year to establish a business?

In my opinion,open your own service website.
Good luck ,:smile:

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After college you will continue with digital marketing or something else?

If you will continue you can try to sign up for Toptal and Codeable!

Getting inside there is not easy and you will require much more experience but these platforms provide much better work than Fiverr and the rates are also very good.

And right now you know a little of everything with expertise in Nothing. My suggestion is to become an expert of at least one thing and then it will be a lot easier to get clients etc.

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Thanks for highlighting this point. I sadly had to accept it as I had been running behind many different things, trying to hit many flying birds with a single stone

Want a good word of advice?
Open up a company! I don’t know how you can do it ! Nor what your situation is!
But here is what I did -

I was a blogger, ran web websites. Made few good websites and started them as startups.
So, I always carried out websites that can take place in offline market too.
So, I expanded my online business to offline market. PS. cannot reveal the niche.

So, I had a personal blog. Learnt a lot about the niche and became finally pro at it.
Made thousands of dollars.

But im a more of an excited guy, where I kind of start experimenting new things and forget about the last things.

Then I had a friend of mine who was working for a company as an web developer. Mentioning he was and is best friend.

We took a flat in the City. Made it into office and then started to think what all we can do.

One of idea which you go ahead with is -
He has already worked on websites previously. So, we can use it as demo to approach clients to build their websites.

So, we started approaching the people. They liked our past work. Even though they will not accept your bid at first. We used to tell them. We will work on the demo, you can have a look and then we will work with you ahead.
They always liked our demos and hired us.

Expand offline if you are finding it hard to expand online. Youll gain more reputation and majorly youll like the way it feels to get yourself clients.

Now we are group on 3. Two web & 1 Graphic.

One thing that helps the most. Is how well you are known to people in the market.
I have not taken up a loan nor took money from anywhere. So, money is not a factor for you too i guess. As it is just the small investment for space. If you wanna invite the client over then make sure it is atleast good enough, so they can gaze around the office when they dont understand what you are talking.

This is just the one I run most of them, and all are in good conditions. I always partner up with someone as i cannot focus on everything.

Need a direction sure will be able to help you. :slight_smile:

It’s long but think it helped from my point of view.


Open up an agency.

Now it’s time to go big. Gather people and start a service based company.

Trying getting not $50, not $1000 but $10000 projects. I am not joking… in fact that’s how companies start.

The first thing you need to do is learn the skill of convincing people. Convince people around you to join you. Roles you decide, work you decide, but start teaming up and start expanding.

Second thing, build reputation in market. You know how companies get clients? Upwork or freelancer is secondary, reputation comes first. Clients speak for them. Well for now, you need some trustworthy clients, little advertising and approach to local vendors.

Try investing in in-house products (somewhat like Neil Patel has own keyword tool) A service based company takes years to grow while a lucky night is enough for product based companies to grow much bigger.

This is some high level stuff. I am sorry if this is not the answer you’re looking, but why I feel you can do more than what I mentioned above is you have that potential. Less than 2 years ago, we met, and today here you are, a successful person. For me, yes you are. Keep growing Sahil :slight_smile:


@pruthviraj @supx and @Saksham Thanks for your valuable advice. I will surely consider it and start working on the mentioned things.

A big thanks once again :slight_smile:

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I am doing it. It’s much better than Fiverr sh!t.

I would definitely recommend you @BLOGGING_SURGEON

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