Which advertisement network do you use to monetize

  1. Adsense
  2. Media.net
  3. Info links
  4. Affiliate


Media.net but there pay is low now a days, anyone else using it…


I am using only adsense


if your traffic is good and from usa…above 10k pageviews and below 1lakh then try ezoic…They are great have revenue 30% more than adsense…


I use this one


How do you manage site speed with ezoic?


its not that hard…Need to optimze some things…tips is to use very less plugin…I dont use social media plugin as jetpack does the job … Or any fancy plugin for a particular task until and unless its really compulsary…
So it gets managed…anyway you dont need the fastest website…just dont fall in bottom 20% and its fine…people like the content…its super helpful and longer post gives more monetization placement…also longer article have good page on time hence higher income…
P.S:- i have intotal only 7-8 plugins in every site.
Plugins is what takes down site speed…
also use minimalistic theme…nothing fancy and you shall be good to go


Any minimalsistic theme you wish to suggest? And by bottom 20% you mean pagespeed grade for mobile?


theme depends upon what type of website u r building…i prefer DIVI for premium or catch theme if free…
With page speed i mean if ur page loads within 3sec or so its completely fine…Just use pagespeedinsight by google and try to get score above 70…thats more than enough…


Pagespeed score above 70 for mobile? It might be impossible with ads. Also, which integration you use, cloudflare or amazon name server type.




Its little tricky but definitely possible…I use cloudfare…basic version…combined with my siteground hosting…and siteground server+caching is quick…so i dont need some other caching plugins or any optimization plugin.
Also my server is US and my target is also US so the speed doesn’t depend on cloudfare etc. Avoid social share fancy plugins an use jetpack for most task…its does spam protection social media and related post all at one… the fewer plugin you have the higher ur pagespeed.
Also instead of testing homepage speed test individual page…Organic traffic lands at individual page 90% of time and not homepage…
hope that helps


When i ran ezoic i got almost 100 to 150% of more revenue. But due to site speed issues had to discontinue. Even my site lost traffic and rankings rapidly at that time. Will try with your tips again. Regards


None for now @GulshanKumar pls can we talk. Longest time


Hello! Yes, we can talk. Please message.


@GulshanKumar you’re so much friendly & helpful.
We love to talk with you. :slight_smile:
& Also
According to me , the best ads network are
1.Google Adsense

Others are good but I don’t think anyone will satisfied from them.
Regards, Rajdeep :slight_smile:


What about taboola?