Which bank best for receive Adsense earning

Help guys & please suggest with excect reason . I have axis bank but worst service & forex exchange, Payment Credit time also late

Have a look at this buddy:-

What about yes bank & idfc bank?? :grinning:

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Sorry I have no idea about both these banks. But I am sure someone will be using them here for sure. Let’s wait for other forum member’s replies

My Uncle using IDFC First Bank & SBI Bank both .
But he said that IDFC is not so advanced like other banks.
So, you should continue with a trusted and advanced featured bank like SBI(sometimes they may dull)
or you can choose CBI(Central Bank of India) as an alternative.
I think @GulshanKumar using SBI, am I right Sir?
Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Any government bank for better rate

I have received the Payment within 15min after approving the remittance.
Axis Bank Services are good in Tamil Nadu, but don’t know about other states as because lack of manpower involved may cause this issue.
Is this your first time?

SBI maybe.

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I am using SBI Bank. So far it has been great experience. :+1:


I am also using SBI.
And it is the best.


I would prefer Citi bank for Adsense payment. Our Google adsense payment comes from Google Asia Specific, They first send money to the Citi Bank and then it gets distributed to beneficiaries’ bank as per their account details.

Whichever bank you are using they will be charging Processing fee but if you have Citi bank then you may save some money.

SBI and all other registered banks regulated by RBI so there won’t be any changes or extra process if you are using other bank, Rule will be same for every bank.

By the way, I have had not good experience with SBI. Every Month they call me and ask for FEMA declaration which may not be happening to some SBI account holders.

It also depends on branch and how they deal with customers. Some branch gets good management if the manager and employee have good understanding and some branch become very difficult for customers if management is not good over there.

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All banks comes under one umbrella “RBI” no difference between public sector bank and private. When it comes to exchange rate, You must visit each and every bank and negotiate with forex department, Eventually you will come know that which bank offering more money (rupees) per dollar.

Do not feel any distinction between private and public bank while some private bank like HDFC and Axis offers more in terms of facility & hassle free service.

Disclaimer: I have stated this as per my opinion, experience and view.

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Hi, thanks for the straight forward answer, I hope your answer is based on personal experience of ICICI bank.

But one thing I would like to ask about, Have you experienced all other banks for adsense Payment?

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