Which Best hosting provider should I migrate to

Hello guys, please I need suggestions.
I want to migrate one of my blog from namecheap to another hosting . I have noticed something and drop of ranking on my blogs I’m hosting with namecheap. Please suggest any good hosting provider for me to migrate to.

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Please check this topic.

Here are some hosting provider which are best:

  • Kinsta
  • Siteground
  • DigitalOcean

Go with Cloudways on DigitalOcean servers.

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You missed Vultr, Amazon Lightsail.

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What about inteesever? Is it also good

Thanks for adding…

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Some host offers Unlimited bandwidth which is likely a scam. Go with that host which is strictly clear about their offering.

X GB bandwidth
Z GB Disk space

A good host PRICING would be like this… while cheap host would be repeating unlimited and other magical tone that comes at the price of hidden terms and conditions.

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200% true…

Bluehost Unlimited Hosting is a SCAM. I posted the proofs here, few months ago.

Better go for Siteground incase, you want to choose shared hosting.

@Dixravi Your favourite blogger promote it like hell. :joy:


I know Who you are talking about? He is promoting it madly.

He is no more my fav blogger…

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Why not giving a try to ionos.com ? They have the best plans for just 14$ per month and inclusive .com domain.

The starting package was 4$ per month, 8$ per month and business 14$ per month.

The good news is that you dont need to pay yearly you can pay just monthly . The price is exact.

The higher package gives 640mb php limit and Upto 9GB Ram. You can host almost 15 websites without any issues. It can handle 300 visitors per minute. Isn’t that a good deal ? 500GB Storage , 500GB Databases, 500 Email Accounts and Wow CDN Included and Sitelock Malware Protection too.

Thank you.

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Formerly known as 1 and 1, right? Dashboard doesn’t seems user friendly.

Yeah its 1&1. But after they rebranded it was changed to ionos. The dashboard is really more user friendly. I really love that interface. They revamped it.

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Thanks for updating in my knowledge, good to know things are changing.

Before it was quite frustrating experience with 1and1 and really I never wish to meet that time. :sweat_smile::joy:

I will check it once again!

Checkout the screenshots.


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Whenever you create a wp website it will automatically come to the projects like cloudways. So it is hassle free. We dont need to use cpanel also. It is really very good for beginners.

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I used 1&1.com four years back when they were giving away .com domains for free and were charging only icann fee which was $0.18

I literally bought 20 domains at that time :upside_down_face:


Indians free ka maal nahi chhodte, :laughing: lol

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