Which CMS is this?

I just found that all sites under the OneIndia network are using a similar type of cms.


Not only but also it seems some sites like latestnews.fresherslive.com also using the same type of CMS.

But which one is this? :thinking:

Own/Custom developed CMS

I also have this point in my mind this But the same type of structure has found on many other sites, which has no connection with OneIndia.
Example: latestnews.fresherslive has no connection with one India but the CMS is the same.

Most probably, it is a CMS which most of we don’t know.

“Greynium CMS”, a custom CMS.

Really, then That’s the name of their parent company.
I find both (this oneindia network sites and fresherslive) similar type because their anti adblock script is same.
So it is very hard to find out as they don’t want show CMS name to others.

But the latestnews.fresherslive cms?

Maybe they developed with help of some developers. I also creating Job site CMS with Laravel. Own CMS really more important in the job niche for fast posting. Check my some example posting page screenshot

I have found this CMS is called “DM Polopoly” Developer https://www.atex.com/ which might be used on this Fresherslive and it is very similar to mathrubhumi.com