Which domain extension is easy to rank?


I am confused between .org , .in , or .co domain extension? my niche will be Indian culture.


Then go for .in TLD

Because it’s relevant as per need.


I guess it doesn’t effect the SEO right? atleast .in or .co or .org extensions


Domain TLD doesn’t affect much once you established good Ranking.


thanks :slight_smile:


Don’t go for .in domains you will regret it later.




Coz .in domains don’t provide who is gaurd so technically all your details would be public, better find .com if not go for .co, .net or .io


what if .org and .com is not available?


Search engine has nothing to do with domain extension, go for any other top level extension, .io could be a good replacement.


.net and .co is available actually so I guess .net will be better? .io sounds too techy and my website will be 100 miles away from technology


Then go for something more mainstream like .net


@GulshanKumar any thoughts?


For Indian specifically, I said .in is recommended.


.net is also best, it’s a popular TLD.


okay now I am narrowing it a bit more .net or .co?


ookay last question. Just for ranking purpose .in or .net? Ignoring the user’s location


.net is globally acceptable.


I saw ur answer … haha!


thanks a lot … going for .net now :slight_smile: and sorry for these silly questions