Which Email Account Should I Use for Outreach?


Which email account you use or should I use for Outreach to build backlinks?

Will it harm my reputation if I send them using my Gmail (or other third-party services) account instead of my domain email?

Please help. :slight_smile:


You should use your Domain Email to create a Brand for your Domain Name. Do Not Spam.
Ask every user to pass “Double Optin Method” to subscribe to your newsletter.

I have a custom application integrated with MailGun to send newsletters and other mass emails. You can use a similar application (or) else try Aweber, Get Response etc.


@MyilRaj is right. Use your domain email only as outreach success is very low even when you follow all best practices so using your Gmail id will not give you good results.


Never use Gmail for marketing e-mail. Period.

Instead, you should prefer free transactional e-mail services that are designed for reliable sending of the bulk e-mails.

I prefer …

  1. AWS SES (Best you can get, today.)
  2. Mailgun (Using right now. It’s free up to 10K e-mails)

Other also trust …

  • Sendgrid

I believe, these are options you can safely try.

:warning: I strictly don’t recommend below services…

  • El*****email
  • Any cheap Self-hosted e-mail services
  • cPanel based

If you are using, you should switch to above that I recommended.

Things to know