Which hosting is best for high cpu uses?


My server cpu uses is 90% , mysql uses 400% cpu.
Currently using digitalocean 16Gb , 6cpu plan.

Suggest me best server which can handle MYsql uses.

Can i go with cloudways? website is developed in php.



I don’t think it has to do with your hosting, It has to do with the plugins you are using or there must be some coding issue on your theme. I have similar configuration like yours with 16gb and 6cpu and my website can handle 4000 users online.


my website not depends on real time users, in back end every second many query running for calculations and selecting data.


see uses after migrate on dedicated cpu 60GB , 8CPU 160$ plan.


You may try & test AWS or alibaba servers.


I will try aws @YogeshRane


You can try https://www.hetzner.com/cloud, if you have knowledge about servers.


You can try aws lightsail too. It is priced very competitively on par of DO.


whats your view on hetzner … ? what we should expect when compared with DO and Vultr?


@Pramod_Yadav how many query / hour mysql is doing ?


I would recommend using AWS with their dedicated database Through AWS-RDS and Your application hosted on AWS-EC2 that will make sure that Your database server has dedicated resources and doesn’t chug up your main server’s CPU.


Every second 1k to 1.5 k avg.


Yes i am planning to migrate tonight on aws.


Use AWS C series Plan, which stands for compute intensive.

By the way, 8 CPUs are a lot for database queries.
I guess you are not running a very high traffic website.

If it’s an application and database queries are written by a novice developer, I fear even a 100 CPU machine can’t help you scale.

So your best bet would be,

  1. Improve at the code level.
  2. Go with AWS Compute intensive plans.
  3. Use sharding/clustering for your databse


Codes are maximum optimized, optimized with my team. Regularly we trying to find more optimization methods .
Main problem is that a user run avg 1000 query. And that is required, there is not Large loop or complicated code.
Traffic is daily 600k+ pageviews.


In that case it could be, but I am skeptical about the stats you mentioned.
Anyways, let us know what did you come up with and performance-price increase ratio.


May I know the average experience of all the developers in your team?


out of these… what are the query?

all are select query?
or there is sort, count also?


6Lakh pageviews? You should be earning more than 20k dollars per month.


we can’t earn that much from 6 lakhs views?