Which hosting is best for high cpu uses?


Is that a question or answer…


I can assure that we can earn more than 20k though. Anyway I meant to say month… :slight_smile: I noticed my mistake now.


I didn’t tried it. But my friends recommended it.

I think you can try Hetzner for one month. But note that, Location of their servers is in Europe only.


We have 2year + experience.
@iamHappy Main is select query

It is a business website can not explain how much earns from pageviws, it is depends on business.

@turk migrated on cloudways aws

Thanks to all.


It is what you should earn… I was just saying an estimate as per your pageviews and I never asked how much you earn…


Hmm… that’s means there are scope for tons of optimisation.


@supx that means I have unqualified developers team?:thinking:


They are not unqualified of course. There can be room for a lot more improvements.
So, instead of scaling up servers, hire an experienced database design expert (if you earn $20K per month) and you can save a lot on your server costs.

I mean for handling such big traffic websites, you need database experts of at least 10-15 years of experience.

I am also working for a web design and development agency, a startup that takes Indian government projects as well. But inside, there is a lot of mess. Companies hire low profile developers (honestly, though I am also a fresher and I am lucky that company does this, but for company this is bad )… and when we have our code reviewed there are a lot of room for logical improvements, structural consistency and design patterns.

And because database is the foundation – how well the application will perform depends on the quality of understanding and foreseeing the changing requirements of the developer.


Hi… Have you tried MariaDB? May be it will improve performance.


And also consider using a load balancer for the DB.

Take another look at the database design.
Cache frequently used queries.
Make a list of slow queries and consider rewriting them.

MariadDB is a little faster. not much compared to MySQL.
postgresql is another option. supposed to be faster for complex queries [ i never tried it though]


I always use postgresql for my projects, and maybe you can get some performance boost along with redis cache system.

And I agree with @supx there must be room for optimization, no doubt you must have a good team. But some times some silly mistakes can cost a lot of delay. Look how this 1 line improved the query performance by 100%


If possible try to keep nested views to minimum. Delete unnecessary tables.

And as you said the webapp majority deals with select query, try your best to filter those queries and tell them where exactly to look instead of entier database.


You can’t use WordPress with PostgreSQL


I hope he’s not using Wordpress.

@Abhijeet PostgreSQL +1. Great choice


Oh wait, he is using WordPress for his business site?

I thought he has a custom made site.

Dear @Pramod_Yadav WordPress is good only till blogging, when it comes to business sites and large apps it is better to have custom made sites. That’s why we have so many frameworks in different languages which are flourishing with time. WordPress can never match those, because WordPress was made for bloggers.

If you will stuck to WordPress you will run into performance issues.

Invest money in making a better app then you will surely save a lot of money in servers and maintenance.


The day wordpress will move to GO or Node, a decade later, PHP will be dead.


+1 for this

But are they planning to move?

You know what irritates me the most?
People who can install themes on WordPress start calling themselves web developers, no offense xD


:joy::joy::rofl::rofl::joy: excatly bro

I don’t think they are switching very soon.

By the way, which language you work in?


@Abhijeet it is not on WordPress,it is custom website.

we will try PostgreSQL.

see after migrate on aws 8gb , 2cp.


The greatest language of the century, see my dp you can get a wild guess. This particular language is replacing Java and many old languages from many enterprises, and one of the fastest growing and most loved language of the decade.
Presenting to you https://www.python.org/
And I use this fame work for web development https://www.djangoproject.com/

They won’t because it will be impossible to make every plugin compitable. For blogging WordPress is a good pre made solution.


Wait, are you using two webserver apache+Nginx ?