Which hosting is best for high cpu uses?


Greatest Language of the millennium - C
Greatest Language of Century - Java
Greatest Language of the Decade - Python/Go
Greatest Language of the future - RUST
*Most popular language - Javascript :stuck_out_tongue:


I will report this as a spam xD

Javscript will never replace python netiher the vice versa.

It’s like comparing apple and oranges. In fact they both work good together. Tho I will only limit it to front end xD

Recent popularity can’t stop a legacy.


Because most people who can just do, console.log() in Javascript calls themselves developer.


That was hard xD

Tho node js is good. But it’s not only about web development. Python is a main stream programming language it is being used in data science, machine learning kind of stuff, which are yet to be learned by me, That’s why I work with it.

I have seen some node js project code looks quite similar to python as we have a MVT framework and most JavaScript frameworks are MVC. The only difference is we have controllers in views then render it in template. So just in case tho odds are pretty near to impossible python gets less popular I will move to node it looks good to me.

Update - Just saw JavaScript also have some machine learning packages, happy supx xD


All Programming languages look the same end of the day but the logic changes.