Which hosting should I buy?

Hello, Most of my blog URLs are failing in CWV due to the initial server response time. Pls, tell me which hosting should I buy to fix this?

Right now, I’m using Namecheap. 80% of my audience is US-based. hosting should be not too expensive. I mean something around (5-6k/year).


My recommendation: UpCloud


Thank you.

As per my exeprience, Vultr is the best. I am using it since last 3-4 years for my 5 domains. I have never faced any issue.
@gulshan sir the best in this. Kindly reply and suggest him bettre,

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In USA regions, there are lot of better choice that starts with $5/mo



  • It’s an addictive choice due to modern and fast UI.
  • Comes with crazy fast CPU, Disk and Quick Snapshot solution makes it an excellent choice for developers.
  • It offers daily backup solution (*paid)


  • No one-click sign in to console.
  • No way to downgrade instance.
  • Hard to sign up and get account approved
  • Unhelpful support despite live chat option.
  • It charges for Cloud Firewall which other provider offers free.



  • The High Frequency plan is a best choice in Vultr for fastest performance
  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • Great support
  • Free Cloud Firewall, Free DNS management


  • No quick snapshot solution
  • No way to downgrade instance.

Linode - (I don’t recommend at all)


  • Linode is simply unique in terms of some features like you can easily upgrade/downgrade instances without worrying about data loss. All it can be done from their dashboard.


  • Sometime there are connectivity issues.



  • It is a popular choice among beginners due to user-friendly UI.
  • Free Cloud Firewall
  • Free DNS management
  • Free Floating IP
  • One-Click to signin console


  • Taking backup via snapshot recommends turning off instances and it’s very slow, not fast as UpCloud.

Digital Ocean additionally collects tax with the chargeable amount. What about Vultr?

Effective November’21 vultr also charges GST @18% above invoice amount so there is no difference

This Vultr HF plan is good?

Yes, it is an excellent choice.

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Okay. TYSM bhai.

You’re welcome!

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