Which HTML Editor you prefer for Article


Which Editor I should use for preparing articles?

Thanks in advance.


I was using Atom editor before then I found VS code and there was no going back, VScode comes with a lot of features out of the box, for which I need to install plugins in Atom and is way lighter.

But if you only gonna do HTML, JS, CSS then you should give http://brackets.io/ a shot, because VScode will be a bit overkill for HTML/CSS.


Then, I prefer bracket.io tool. Thanks @Abhijeet


The legendary code editor:- VS CODE


Try VS Code.


I prefer notepad++ and visual studio editor both are very light, fast, easy to use and comes with many add-on
You can add your language add-on to use autocomplete features or code suggestions.


Thanks @Manash but I tried bracket.io and within few days I can say, it was perfect for me.


Thanks for suggestion @Ajay_Malik
Notepad is bit overload and I only want to edit HTML and CSS codes. In this case, bracket.io is perfect.


Thanks for suggestion @svignesh1994


Notepad++ an open source, I use it for all kind of coding purpose.


Nope, I am using it from years and it never disappoint me


Overload? I would rather say out-dated.
Even Notepad++ was cool a decade ago, but not anymore with Sublime Text and VS Code around.

I have tried Notepad++, Atom, Dreamweaver (Could be best for bloggers), Brackets (Loved the live preview, hot reload), Sublime Text, VS Code (the best)

Also, use the emmet extension with Brackets. It will save your lot of time. :slight_smile:


Notepad++ is the best


For what purpose do you use?


I like notepad++


VS Code :innocent:


I Prefer notepad++