Which is the Best Serverpilot Alternative?


Is there any alternative of Serverpilot? Please let me know. Serverpilot is now paid :disappointed:

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What about VestaCP?


vestacp good ? I try runcloud, good… But my wordpress theme not work with runcloud :sweat:

I found setupserver,io.have you tried? It looks from india and pretty good :thinking:

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Vesta was my first CP, free and easy to use. Recently my AWS instance hacked with vesta on it. That’s why stopped using it. :tired_face:

Not tried setupserver. Currently using serverpilot free version.


setupserver & serveravatar are good.


Hey, have you analysed… How it was hacked?

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No. But I wish I had done.

AWS charge was increasing very fast that’s why deleted instance.

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Here https://ploi.io

or use https://cyberpanel.net/

I am using https://centminmod.com/


You can user Serverlized.com it has also an Email Manager and DNS Zone Editor. Simply manage your unmanaged server by entering your root password.

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Well, I will give my vote for VPSrobots. The best thing about it is that it lives on your pc desktop rahter than server end, which saves you resources on the server.

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During past few years so many Serverpilot and Runcloud copycat… maybe 20+ new ones trying to make some Saas panel for setup and manage Wordpress websites.

But really the question is quality. What is the purpose of free or cool UI panel if not quality config? And for Wordpress quality config means strong security, fast performance, and stability.

Please try SlickStack for these reason. It is free, open source, can use in any datacenter or network that you have root access to VPS or dedicated server. Setup the LEMP stack optimized for Wordpress and also includes some free mu-plugins for better technical SEO.

Check the free mu-plugins from LittleBizzy that is included in every Wordpress website.

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Try Cloudways you won’t regret



Thanks for adding value.

I am happy with Webinoly bash script at the time of writing. Would you mind sharing little more information how does it compare in terms of performance and all that you have mentioned?

I couldn’t find ‘comparison info’ at your blog.

It would be great if you can share performance benchmarks backed with actual data and conditions.

I am looking forward to dig deep into it and learn something new.

Thanks & Regards,


Have anyone tried cloudron.io


I repeat ServerAvatar.


Biggest difference is complete solution. SlickStack more than install script, it has plugin backlist to protect your site from deprecated or malware plugins, also several MU plugins that automatic optimize your site for technical SEO and loading speed.

So for developers who want a uniform optimized config on their WP sites and don’t want to install 20+ of their favorite SEO and speed plugins on every single installation. 5 minutes and done.

Coming soon in this page:

SlickStack installation directions:

It will working in any cloud network like Vultr, Digitalocean, AWS / Lightsail, Linode, SSDnodes, etc.

Webinoly I don’t know I think is EasyEngine copycat with unique CLI commands.

SlickStack is only basic Bash knowledge required, simple approach…

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