Which keyword research tool do you use?

  • I dont use a Keyword Tool
  • AHREFs
  • Others (please share the tool)

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None of them are polls @piyuk the post had specific objective. And the others are each ones opinions which tool is better. Polls give lot more convenience. U r putting ur support for a software without a need of typing or discussing anything.


Ahrefs: Best for Keyword research + Backlink finding

Semrush: I prefer for site audit and Backlink analysis.


@GulshanKumar i am surprised many people DONT use keyword tools? How do they find nice keywords then? Following the crowd is the biggest mistake we will do in blogging i think. We need to find niche keywords which no one is targeting.


They don’t!

Then they ask how to get traffic and what is wrong with their blog. :disappointed_relieved:


KWfinder is the best free keyword research tool, Period.


Except for news site. For general informational websites, product niche site, I think KW Research is must.

Writing content without keyword research is like waiting for happening miracle.


I use keywordseverywhere and Keywordshitter and then KWfinder to find the Competition.

Not sure but I think KeywordEverywhere, Google Keywordplanner, and Ubersuggest are using the same Data.


Yes, all keyword tools use that data including Ahrefs and KWFinder. But Ahrefs and KWFinder combine clickstream data also with the data from GKP so their data is more accurate and updated.

This and Ubersuggest are only good for finding keyword variations.