Which OS is best for WordPress

I am skeptical about Ubuntu and Cent OS. Which is the best OS for the Wordpress?

Also, which OS has more Inodes availability?


I prefer Ubuntu OS.


Go for Ubuntu lot of resources are available for all sorts of troubleshooting.


Inodes problem is not a OS problem… its a filesystem problem. and no. of inodes depend on size of your disk also… and size you choose for 1 block.

so if you gonna make social networking site… where users can upload lots of small images and files… then try to not store all images in same folder… do less copying… it create soft links… and soft link also consumes inodes.

and attachable ssd can also help… if inodes get used up.

look for better filesystem then choose OS… if it supports it.


@GulshanKumar Ubantu 19?

@iamHappy That really cleared lot of things. So, which is the best in terms of file system?

If you need most stable, choose Ubuntu 16.04

Don’t choose newer version.

Thanks again @GulshanKumar
But performance?

Ubuntu 16.04 performance is better.

centOS 7.6 has 16 times more inodes than ubuntu 18 or ubuntu 16

they both take approximately equal resources…

If I were in your place I would have choosen ubuntu for its better stability.
and solved inodes problem by mounting another disk.