Which security plugins are you guys using?


I want it for brute force attack and maybe malware scan.

thank you


I have signup with cloudflare but my ssl is still in Initializing Certificate it’s been more than week. So, I am unable to use cloudflare.


Just use Sucuri firewall and their plugin. You can also use Jetpack Single Sign On.


For sucuri firewall I have to pay?


Only $18.


Well, I don’t use any plugin. But I use web firewall provided by hosting and Cloudflare.


Wait… since when Cloudways provide firewall?


I am not using Cloudways. Running VPS.


BTW, Cloudways claims so.



Yes. I asked them but they told me that it’s my responsibility to protect the application.

Server is safe in their hands and protected with a firewall, and regular security patches.


@GulshanKumar This is what my cloudflare says


It’s general process of automated SSL installation. You need to keep patience. It may take few minutes.


It’s been like that for a week now.


for a week, did you kept nameservers of Cloudflare?


$18 a month dude. If you really care about your site, invest a little. I’m investing a lot on hosting, and soon on security :wink:


Yes it is still cloudflare namerserver


Why? are you using Custom SSL or Letsencrypt?


Yes. Custom SSL is supported in $19.98+ plans.

So it’s $20 not $18 :stuck_out_tongue:


With the letsencrypt SSL $9 plan is also available :wink:


I prefer custom SSL :heart_eyes: