Which security plugins are you guys using?


For sucuri firewall I have to pay?


Only $18.


Well, I don’t use any plugin. But I use web firewall provided by hosting and Cloudflare.


Wait… since when Cloudways provide firewall?


I am not using Cloudways. Running VPS.


BTW, Cloudways claims so.



Yes. I asked them but they told me that it’s my responsibility to protect the application.

Server is safe in their hands and protected with a firewall, and regular security patches.


@GulshanKumar This is what my cloudflare says


It’s general process of automated SSL installation. You need to keep patience. It may take few minutes.


It’s been like that for a week now.


for a week, did you kept nameservers of Cloudflare?


$18 a month dude. If you really care about your site, invest a little. I’m investing a lot on hosting, and soon on security :wink:


Yes it is still cloudflare namerserver


Why? are you using Custom SSL or Letsencrypt?


Yes. Custom SSL is supported in $19.98+ plans.

So it’s $20 not $18 :stuck_out_tongue:


With the letsencrypt SSL $9 plan is also available :wink:


I prefer custom SSL :heart_eyes:


I am using cPanel AUTOSSL… :rofl:


Please write to support[at]cloudflare.com


Hi Sir @GulshanKumar

I have recently installed iThemes Security plugin. It can generate a text log file. I just want to remove public access to this log file for stop view log file from the browser.

I try to remove public read access permission by setting “640” and also tried to remove both public and group read access permission by setting “600” permission. But not any permission works. It’s still visible to all public.

Can anyone have the same problem?
How can I prevent log file from public access?