Which security plugins are you guys using?


Hello guys,

I was using Wordfence but it was slowing my website down, then I installed ithemesecuirty same problem slowing down of website and now I am using free version of sucuri which is okay not that great.

So, Which security plugin are you guys using?


there are few reasons of slow website. are you using Cloudflare?


No I am not using cloudflare.


start using cloudflare. that will speed up your website




What specific kind of security do you want?

Is it about TFA?


I want it for brute force attack and maybe malware scan.

thank you


I have signup with cloudflare but my ssl is still in Initializing Certificate it’s been more than week. So, I am unable to use cloudflare.


Just use Sucuri firewall and their plugin. You can also use Jetpack Single Sign On.


For sucuri firewall I have to pay?


Only $18.


Well, I don’t use any plugin. But I use web firewall provided by hosting and Cloudflare.


Wait… since when Cloudways provide firewall?


I am not using Cloudways. Running VPS.


BTW, Cloudways claims so.



Yes. I asked them but they told me that it’s my responsibility to protect the application.

Server is safe in their hands and protected with a firewall, and regular security patches.


@GulshanKumar This is what my cloudflare says


It’s general process of automated SSL installation. You need to keep patience. It may take few minutes.


It’s been like that for a week now.


for a week, did you kept nameservers of Cloudflare?