Which Server Location should I select? How to check load time correctly?

According to W3techs, United States based server is used by 43.3% websites.

Is USA server really best?

  • Not for everyone unless your target audience is based in United State.

I see webmasters do one critical mistakes in choosing right sever location which affect user-experience. Their site get 99% traffic from India, but still they choose US as server location. Why so bias??

The downside of choosing improper server location

  • Higher latency, slow web page load for the users which matters. Why? Because the distance from your website hosting server to your audience directly impact performance.

How to choose server location correctly?

  • Look at your Google Analytics > Audience > Country data.

  • For example: At this forum, Indian traffic is highest. Therefore, I have selected India as server location.

  • Find from which country you get highest traffic?

  • Just select same as your Server location.

Now people will argue on two things

  • But I want to target USA

  • but I get highest income from USA

You had USA server for this much long time, do you think it was beneficial? I’d love to hear your case study.

  • In my opinion, give a try. Was it worth keeping USA server?

  • Do you get most income from USA?

There are several things to look before deciding a server location.

TLDR: Keep in mind, your user location and server distance will impact end user.

FAQs: How to know my website current server location?

But I use Cloudflare/Sucuri and it shows always USA, then how can I check?

  • Enter your A record IP and do test.

How to check Load time Correctly?

  • The answer is simple. Make sure to select right testing location, basically you should select as per your target audience. That’s it.

  • Tip: In GTmetrix, do sign in and then run test.


Company Server Location Min Cost
Digital Ocean India, Singapore, USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, $5/mo
Vultr Singapore, USA, UK, Australlia, Japan, Netherlands, France, Germany $3.5/mo
Kinsta India, USA, Australlia, Taiwan, Singapore, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium $30/mo
Siteground USA, UK, Netherlands, Singapore $3.95/mo.

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Can you please tell what are the ways through which we can reduce server response time?


Hmm! All these things are not much helpful in reducing server response time I suppsose

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Which app is that?

Server response can’t be optimized. It depends on how much far packets are traveling.
Eg: DO’s Bangalore server will give better response in India, worst in USA.

You can’t improve it.

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Apart from Distance are not there any other effecting factors brother?

Although if the server’s network is under attack (DDOS) then response time will increase.

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Thanks for the reply man.
Thankyou :slight_smile:

How to change server location?

bro, this is something you need to talk with hosting.

Okay bro

They said that server is already in US.

There are hosting which offers plan in $3.5/mo such as VULTR. You can choose it for the fastest experience.


You can also optimize Database via WP Optimize plugin after taking backup. That can help a lot.

mainly these are some issues i wanted to fix.

should I enable page caching in wp optimize?

Not required. You already have a great caching system.

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