Which Server Location Should I Select?

I have 5 blogs, 2 of them r getting major traffic from India, 1 blog getting traffic from USA and rest 2 blogs r getting most of the traffic from France.

So my question is Should i create single droplet at Bangalore location and put all 5 blogs in it with BunnyCDN or should i create separate droplets for separate traffic blogs ?

Actually I am using Cyber-panel so creating multiple droplets wont be cost effective.

Please suggest me best solution.

Seperate instance with target audience region is better.

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Host your blog to your audience location. But, if you can able to complete your site loading in less than 3Secs at your audience location, the server location doesn’t seem to be a bottleneck.
If it is a WordPress, start from the server optimization. Find all possible methods to fine-tune the site. That’s all is required.

thanks brother :slight_smile:

okay bro thanks :slight_smile:

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