Which SMTP is better?

i want to send continuous email frequently just after 5 or 10 minutes cycle, so, which SMTP will be better for me.
Yahoo mail SMTP
Outlook Mail SMTP
or any other

It won’t work in long term.

Instead, you should prefer transactional e-mail services provider such as …

  • Sendgrid
  • Amazon SES
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You’re right my boss :kissing_heart:

I am using MailGun SMTP integrated with a custom made emailing application where am sending nearly lakhs of automated emails every month for my site as well as my client sites.
I gave them a separate login where they can manage auto-responders, send newsletter, etc.

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And how does gmail treat those emails? Do they drop in the Promotions tab of gmail or primary tab?

I am right now weighing the options between Gsuite SMTP vs Mailgun and i am more in favour of gsuite SMTP because logically i might get better preference within GMAIL isnt it?

As u are using mailgun since long, what would be ur opinion? @MyilRaj

I am a great fan of MailGun powering nearly 20 of my (own plus clients) sites. If we have too much HTML content, Graphics, and Links, probably a similar email will land in the promotions tab. But, try to increase the length of your Text, follow the minimalistic design to get your emails land in Primary Folder.
In my findings, it is not related to the Service Provider but the way you create your email template determines the landing folder.

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@MyilRaj Currently my site is a small site. On WPX hosting. Not more then 100 users. But i expect more then 1000 - 2000 subscribers within this year.

WPX has limit of 50 users every 30 minutes. In case of email blast, they will fail.

If i use gsuite then it has limitations- https://support.google.com/a/answer/166852?hl=en
Example - 2000 messages max per day.

So in a forecasted future where i cross 2000 users, (for the sake of happiness lets say i cross 10k users) if i have to send an email blast from within wordpress, gsuite smtp will become useless!!

In such scenario, i should start with mailgun from day 1? Is that better?

Ur advice is appreciated.

Well looks like the plugin i am gonna use is recommending Mailgun.

Mailgun is easier to integrate. Maybe that’s a reason.

However, I would suggest AWS SES. It’s best.

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If your Visitor increase in the future, I will have a solution. I have a separate Email Campaign Management Software installed in a separate server through which I am managing all my Email Newsletters. If you wish, I can give you one access where you can manage for a life-time along with it, I will integrate Mail Gun for you.
You can 100% automate your newsletter system without any issues.

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AWS goes above my head. Its whole setup is complicated because Amazon has too many offerings at the same time. Panel itself gets complicated. So i dont use AWS. U are correct mailgun is easier to setup but at the same time i think 1-2 email blast per month also if i do, then Gsuite SMTP or Hosting SMTP’s will block me. Its better to go with professional email solutions

Thats a very generous offer. As of now its just start of my website so let me start with WP SMTP plugin and Mailgun is what i am thinking. If i get stuck, i will ping u. Generally what happens is, i try to avoid to setup stuff which i myself dont understand. It creates bottlenecks.

Also, i am not using the plugin WP Mail SMTP plugin for Newsletters. I havent reached there yet. If i find that i am unable to send newsletters in wordpress via this plugin usage, then again i will approach u. I dont want to use costly Aweber or mailchimp for newsletters. i want to send simple html template.

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I am mostly gonna go with WPmailSMTP + https://www.thenewsletterplugin.com/ + Mailgun.

Step 1. Making AWS SES account ready to use

A. Verify Domains at SES using Cloudflare DNS. (take backup of DNS before proceeding)

B. Create a case for “Service Limit Increase” and bypassing Sandbox (Important)

Step 2. Setting up in WordPress

C. Get Credentials for SMTP

D. Use that Credentials via plugin OR configure manually in WordPress.

Any question? Let me know.

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Thanks for sharing this. But i have used mailgun in the past for a Discourse forum as well as for some other stuff. So i just setup Mailgun and WP mail smtp. And its running smooth. Did a couple of delivery tests too. Thanks a lot for giving ur time to this.

I will get stuck with newsletters and updating users but i will soon find a way to cross that barrier too. I cant afford costly solutions on this new trial site.

You’re welcome!

Good to know it’s going well. Just shared above info for anyone coming across this topic.

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