Which Web Host is best to handle 1k realtime?


This is my first post here.

Currently i’m using inmotion VPS, and my average realtime is almost 1k. so currently my web host is not handling this much traffic and asking to upgrade packge. but further packges are costly and that not worthy for me.

Planning to switch on new host.
So, my question is, which web host is suitable for me?
Also i’m using almost 30 plugins and all plugins are important to me as i’m running long term multi niche blog.

So, please help me to find best host.

Thank you.



I have similar realtime numbers and I am able to handle it with proper on-page optimization and caching.

You can start with any unmanaged hosting (Vultr, Digital Ocean) or managed hosting (Cloudways, Kinsta), whatever you prefer. You can upgrade plans if it fails to handle the load.

You can use Cloudflare’s Cache Everything to handle the traffic load even on low-end servers.


I also recommend it. :+1:


Ok. I’ll try cloudflare cache option as i’m using cloudflare ssl already.

Can you tell me, which DO droplet is sufficient for my requirement?


Because you have tons of plugins, you can start with the $40 droplet. If the performance is below average, upgrade to the $80 plan.


Vultr’s performance is actually better.


Means, Vultr is better than DO?


If your target audience is USA (or anything else than India), I would recommend it.


My target audience is from India


Well, in that specific case you should prefer Digital Ocean, with Bangalore based sever location.

It would be great for the performance.


Ok. Thanks Gulshan Bhai…
& What about cloudways?

As i don’t have knowledge about server management.


CW is nice for beginner. The major difference is pricing.


Digital Ocean

Choosing DO will save your money in the long term.
If you want, I can help you in doing migration at DO.


Ok. thanks. Sure… I will contact u once i ready to migrate. is there any downtime i face while migration?


I am able to migrate with zero downtime.

You’re welcome!




Gulshan bro, can u tell me what Serveravtar or serverpilot do? means for what purpose they useful. I heard about them.


I don’t recommend any such managed Cloud platform any more.

  • Because I do not like paying extra $ for what can be done free of cost by managing self.

  • Second, it doesn’t feel open source to me.

  • I don’t want morning surprise someday when they suddenly change their policy. This has happened in past with ServerPilot. So, I am afraid.

  • I don’t trust their security policy. In past, we have also heard about issues related to security with VestaCP multiple times.

  • They expect SSH password access which is absolutely a no-go for any sysadmin who is conscious of security.


Ok. Thank’s for this info.


You’re welcome!


Bro, which hosting and it’s plan you are using?


I am using Kinsta and Sucuri.