WHM/Cpanel IP address changed error

(Rishi) #1


Yesterday installed WHM in Centos, it was working fine earlier.

Now when I try to login it shows ip address changed error In both cpanel and WHM.



What I tried?

Tried to loose security of WHM but not worked. Followed this tutorial:-

Please help how to solve it.

Thanks :grinning:


Are you from mob network? I have seen this happens most in this cases.

Solution: wait for sometime or try over VPN.

(Rishi) #3

I am on desktop.

Checked with different IP address, VPN and also with Windows VPS. Cleared cache etc but not worked.

(Rishi) #4

Update:- Error was temporary, fixed automatically.

@gulshankumar please close this thread.



I thought same in the first place. That’s why I said …

(Piyush Suthar) #6

I too face Same Problem When I use Mobile Internet…
but When I go For Router It works Fine…

(Rishi) #7

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

Update:- In case, anybody face same problem in future, here are some solutions.


This issue generally occurs in mobile network (mobile hotspot).


  1. Try to login using trusted VPN like tunnel bear.
  1. Use Router.
  1. Use windows VPS, get one free at AWS (credit card required) or Apponfly (credit card not required).