WHM/Cpanel IP address changed error

(Rishi) #1


Yesterday installed WHM in Centos, it was working fine earlier.

Now when I try to login it shows ip address changed error In both cpanel and WHM.



What I tried?

Tried to loose security of WHM but not worked. Followed this tutorial:-

Please help how to solve it.

Thanks :grinning:

(I am a magician!) #2

Are you from mob network? I have seen this happens most in this cases.

Solution: wait for sometime or try over VPN.

(Rishi) #3

I am on desktop.

Checked with different IP address, VPN and also with Windows VPS. Cleared cache etc but not worked.

(Rishi) #4

Update:- Error was temporary, fixed automatically.

@gulshankumar please close this thread.


(I am a magician!) #5

I thought same in the first place. That’s why I said …

(Piyush Suthar is Spreading Peace) #6

I too face Same Problem When I use Mobile Internet…
but When I go For Router It works Fine…