Who gets the link juice in this situation


If we shorten a link using bitly, we know the site probably does a 301 redirect to the destination page so the link juice is passed, however what about sites like adfly and linkshrink where users have to watch an Ad or something to get to the destination page, who gets the link benefit there?


bit.ly seems safe and reputed to me, but not others as once my Adwords was suspended due to having short link on the blog. After then, I stopped recommending using such things.

Link juice passing depends on the certain link.

301 doesn’t guarantee, if HTTP header contains x-robots: nofollow tag. Be sure to check at own.


Adwords or Adsense? I remember you reviewed a shortened URL service where you could earn, if i am not mistaken,

So my question is.

Lets say i went to Adfly and shortened example.com and then went an placed the shortened link on a high authority site, who would get the link benefit?

example.com or Adfly


Yes Adwords (not a typo).

Later on, I removed its review.

The end result will impact example.com


Oh that’s crazy i didn’t know Adwords would suspend your account for that.

Thanks for that