Who uses ezoic?

Hi, Anyone using ezoic on their blog, if so can you explain how it works and do you recommend it for increases earnings ?

We use Ezoic on our sites.

They’re awesome. We made a ton more and they’ve given us a lot of good advice too.

They host events at Google in San Francisco, New York, and London each year. I highly recommend going to those as well. Great for networking.

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It works like a charm bro…
If you have 10000-1lakh pageview/month then they are best option…above that i prefer adthrive…

Hello kanth,

Read this review too. The content and comments looks genuine. https://www.revenueinfo.com/ezoic-review

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That should be an old one, earlier there were a lot of issues which were fixed since oct nov. Now they are doing great…
They dont intent you to fix your design untila nd unless they find its tough to monetize with current one…I have never done it on my site.
Also, yes the ad placement is there choice but thats what its about, they do the tesing and fetch the best ads position but giving up that control is not a big deal as long as i fetch more and user experience is good…you can ask them to turn down the no. of ads and change position if needed but there suggestion usually fetch more from what i have seen

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Thanks everyone… at this point I have added there code on my website, made my site a little slow will give sometime…

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Please write a review on ezoic after testing. This can help us.

I started using Ezoic yesterday, and now my site is damn slow. Ads are too laggy and only loads after all the contents and that takes too long as well. I integrated it via Cloudflare.

Suppose, I want to remove Ezoic integration via Cloudflare, How can I do that? I see a lot of CDN entries by Ezoic…

To remove Ezoic properly, delete all records which is added by them at CF, mostly will be added as CNAME flattening

Keep below two records only, that’s sufficient.

A record - @ - server ip

CNAME record - www - example.com

Okay, Thank You.

I will try Ezoic for a few days and let’s see the performance. I will share the result here and if it don’t work well then I will remove it

Your Dashboard will be slow… You may experience slow site, this is certain.

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yeahz they do recommend serving images in next gen but i have not found any free plugin to do so.
Shortpixel does that but then only 100 images, with a image heavy site its really tough!
I think that would help a lot, My site is ranging over 4-6 sec with their ads, although thats the full load time, i am not sure what google consider. The content gets loaded in less than 2 sec while the ads take up some time.
Still working on making it better!

This is what they say, still figuring out how true is it:
Unfortunately, many online speed tests are more interested in the time it takes to load all of the elements on the page. When you’re doing lazy loading, it can take some elements (such as ads or files not important to the user) longer to load which drags down the speed score of the site. However, the actual experience for users is very fast, and this is what search engines like Google are actually measuring.

So although your site score is lower on some tools, it’s actually rendering faster and giving your user a better experience, which reflects in real user engagement metrics.

Although i have not seen a drop in traffic while using their ads, there is certainly some tools whose stats scares me out…Lol until and unless its earning a good income without a traffic drop its fine for me

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A common misconception is that Ezoic makes site slower. This is almost always a sign of someone not quite having everything set up properly. Unfortunately, that can often happen because Ezoic is a self-serve platform that puts access to premium ad exchanges/networks, analytics, and publishing tools into the publishers hands. Ezoic will typically makes sites faster than they were before if they turn on our new site speed app and turn on many of the features that implement all the stuff Google Pagespeed Insights says will make a site have a faster score.

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I also used it but site got slow

HI… I received this mail today. Can anyone help me in understanding what this ezoic is and what should I do now? :thinking:

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Ezoic is an advanced way to optimize your AdSense earnings. They will change your placement, ad size, colours etc. There are many features, just open their site :wink:

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Active your Windows :fearful:


It was activated but from last month I am getting messages to activate it again. :tired_face:

I don’t even have an Adsense account. :joy: Any way to get one?

I will never use Ezoic. It slow down site.