Who uses ezoic?

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Oh okay.

Stay away from Ezoic. Slows down your site like hell. Would never recommend it to anyone. Horrible experience.


Hi there, Mike from Ezoic here. I’m sorry to read you had a bad experience with Ezoic Vishnu. The system acts like a proxy and caches content to help speed your site up, along with many other techniques - we’re also working hard to support Indian publishers in particular much better. We’ve now got an Indian data centre, so local Indian traffic will also be served locally.

As a Certified Google Publishing Partner, it’s our mission to help publishers improve their overall user experience metrics - some of this, of course, relates to site speed.

I’d be happy to discuss any of your concerns in detail - send me an email at mike@ezoic.com - I’d love to chat about this!



P.s. You might find this interesting! https://blog.ezoic.com/improve-page-speed-seo-actionable-ways/


Hey Everyone,

I am using CyberMedia.

Who are they?

They are Google Certified partner, they checks your website and helps you to earn more money from AdSense.

They send recommendation about where to place ads on your website and in return they charge you around 8% of your Adsense monthly earning.

They won’t give you any extra code nor they will have your website access.

The worst thing about them is they never send the recommendation of ads on time. We need to ask them again and again.

They are charging 8% which is really a lot.

Now, Ezoic Sent me an email about they want me to switch to Ezoic instead of CyberMedia.

If you have ever used Ezoic I want to know how is that platform.

P.S: I have seen 30% increase in my Adsense earning after joining CyberMedia. Ezoic told me they will increase my revenue by up to 60%.

What are your thoughts?

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It won’t recommend you any ad placements. QUIT it now.

A pure waste of money. I have lost $500 because of their shitty ad placements that resulted in a penalty.

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Please elaborate what happened with you?

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They recommended some placements that violated the AdSense terms, and AdSense deducted whooping $500.

When I questioned Cyber Media, they apologized and promised that nothing like that will happen again. Moreover, they were saying that the so-called optimization also improved the overall earnings (no improvements tbh), so it’s okay to have some deductions/penalties.

They have stopped replying to me now :slight_smile:

It’s a :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop: company.

Ever since then, I have stopped working with all Indian companies.


What are your thoughts about Ezoic?

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I used ezoic for couple of weeks. I don’t know, they increase your adsense earnings or not, but they will completely destroy your website design (at least it happened with me).

Your website will be slow after joing with them. The one thing I like about ezoic, there customer support. It’s really good.

But it’s ezoic not works for me, with my Indian traffic.

Maximum review about Ezoic, who says it’s increase their earnings 150-200%, are paid or they used affiliate program. Beacause ezoic paid a good amount for it’s affiliate publishers.


For Ad Placement suggestions, would recommend contacting @duggu


Hey buddy,

Thank you for your review! I will try to add this point while cracking any deal with them. I also want to know how did they destroy your website design and are you still using their platform?

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I will surely contact him and ask him :slight_smile:

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No one can increase your revenues if revenue increases then you will have to pay 20% to them… So its nothing increase in the payment… Better you keep all your control in your hand and experiment… Everything is depend on market,keywords and traffic source and country


Ezoic should be able to increase the earnings. But you won’t be paid by AdSense, it would be Ezoic.

I prefer payment from Google as it’s a well established, and the payment is not rejected by bank either.


I am not sure if it increases earning or not, but it is guaranteed you will experience slower website.

Dashboard slow

It set no-cache

Requires changes at DNS

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If there is no revenue increase with this third party company… I would suggest use your adsense ad unit codes and once talk with me I will. Definetly try to help…

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Sure! Please take a look into your PM and hope we can talk something about this one.

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No PM I found with URL please resend it

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Hi ,
I want to know which is best option for receiving payments in ezoic ?
Paypal or International wire transfers,
And what are the charges ? Anyone know as I have 500 $ payment pending so what is the final amount I will get ?

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paypal will be the best