Why Every four word domain is already taken?

(Ajay Malik) #1

I tried to find a four-word domain for one of my projects. After checking few hundred words i close my project.
I tried random sequence like 3829,4629,4949 but they all already taken. Is it some kind of joke that someone already buy all 4 word domain. Anything that you can imagine with four word is already taken.
if mistakenly find you find any four-word domain which isn’t buyed yet just buy it before its gone.

(Saksham Kumar) #2

TLD? :confused:

(Saksham Kumar) #3

I found one! :sunglasses:

Another one…

(Rechi) #4

use .io. .com are all registered

(Saksham Kumar) #5

Take this… :roll_eyes:

(Ajay Malik) #6

You’re lucky than

I know few more premium domain like this.

(Saksham Kumar) #7

Buy free ones… many are available.