Why FB Block_ Blog Content to Share

(Ravi Kumar) #1

When I share any post of the blog https://ajabgajabjankari.com
I Get this

How can resolve this?
Please help @gulshankumar @Harry @■■■■■■

(I am a love charger) #2

Your site is blocked.

(Ravi Kumar) #3

bro how can solve this?

(I am a love charger) #4



A very good blog. Don’t know how it got blocked!

<meta property="og:locale" content="en_US" />

This is a Hindi blog. But above markup in your blog tells it is written in English. If possible, change it to Hindi.

(Ravi Kumar) #7

how can change the language?


Using Real Time Find and Replace Plugin, you can override it.

(Ravi Kumar) #9

Thanks Bro

(Ravi Kumar) #10

Bro I think, this is not reason of the problem.
Check another Hindi blog

I can share post of the blog.


I understand it shouldn’t be a big issue. However, it is good to provide correct meta information.

Well, were in past did you shared your blog URL on Facebook too many times in one day?

(Ravi Kumar) #12

I shared post on many fb groups in a single day.


@RaviKumar Too much Sharing in one day creates problem.

(Ravi Kumar) #15

Now FB should remove the ban.

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W :hushed: R ■

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■■■■, ■■■■■.


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@■■■■■■ hello

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My name is also censored lol

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abhijeet paritosh

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■■■■■■ parmar