Why I am not Ranking?

Hi Friends,
I am not understanding why my page is not ranking? My page is ranking on 14 positions for the last 2 months.
recently published and other site owners ranking in the 3rd 4th position.
My competitors Ahref and Moz and statistics are very less and ubersuggest rank also. ( including backlinks, I have replicated backlinks from their source )
Even site loading speed also very low than me.
why they are ranking. Where I am doing mistakes.
Let me know your suggestions.

Thank you

Authority bro Authority.

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Hi @Adarsh_Sahu

I have DA 26 and my competitors have DA13

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Then make powerful backlinks…

Hi Rakesh,
Ranking depends upon the various factors. so, only one factor can’t determine the ranking in SERPs.
So what about your

  1. On Page Strategy
  2. Image Optimization
  3. Off Page Strategy
  4. Loading time
  5. Keyword Research and Content

It takes atleast 9-10 months for an article to reach its maximum ranking position. How long has your posts been out there.

its been 3 months… but my competitor has published nov4 2019 and he is ranking. I am unbale to understand?

If a new blog post is published in a well ranked blog, it will also reach the first page very sooner within a few days from the date of publication. So, you follow other’s advice like creating backlinks etc.

Have you checked incoming links quality?

Sab jhol jhal hai :joy::joy:

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