Why Indian so averse to Reading?


I have noticed if you type a query in English, most probably you will get results in form of webpage links or websites. But if you try to search in any native language like hindi, you will get YouTube video links mostly.

Here are my thoughts, please comment & tell what you guys feel.

  1. Many Youtubers are using articles in top search to use word by word in narration to make slideshow kind videos. Interestingly they are gaining better views, sometime in millions. I wonder, what copyright law say about this ?

  2. Youtube has become a major search engine too. if you are writing articles please also use youtube to get keywords. I see many queries/ questions with keywords are used in YouTube search.

  3. If you are writing in native language please make a YouTube channel also. If you are not then certainly somebody will use your article to make video for their channel.

  4. Maybe most of the Indian hate reading or they find videos more trustworthy.

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Trust me, I am an Indian and not so averse to reading. :sweat_smile:

I strictly condemn this attack…!!!

I don’t like watching video, it takes my huge chunk of time and further YouTube relevancy to suggested videos kills at least an hour in their trap!! :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I try to avoid as much as possible. I prefer reading, because I can swim not scroll.


I agree bro. Reading is better than watching YouTube videos. But product reviews may help by watching videos. But mostly reading is best.


Because Indians are always in a hurry. (but never on time)
So they like video which they can watch x2 speed.