Why People Love GeneratePress theme?


I’m just curious to know about Why People love generatepress theme. what feature and option make it different from other?
Please tell me about some customization option for which people ready to pay for it


First, I must talk about theme developer Tom, he is so kind enough to help in the public community. Commonly asked questions can be found by a simple Google search.

Example: missing style.css? Probably the most popular query which answer is to add its premium file as a new plugin instead of trying to add as a theme. This allows extending the theme functionality.


When I asked for the refund, I got it in less than 5 minutes without a single question. This represents Dev responsiveness to support a user.

It’s is not a new name. I have seen its theme FREE VERSION in the WordPress repository for around 5 years. I personally loved this theme for its clean layout and bug-free experience.

Premium version makes life easier for non-dev to modify the theme layout directly from the customize option which frees up to deal every now with functions.php to get a simple change.

The inbuilt customization option save time and let the user focus on other high priority things rather tweaking every now and breaking site due to mistake.

I found this theme is designed with performance in the mind. It doesn’t load jQuery unless required at least for the responsive menu. The premium plugin allows to turn on/off feature easily. You can try it to learn more.


It’s good to know that it worth this money.

I tried and impressed from it Now I am trying to make a even more better , fast and more customizable wordpress theme. Just want to know what people really want


I want a theme which is best by functionality, following WordPress coding standard, yet small in the size.

  • Load CSS and JS only when required
  • Easy to customize


I totally agree with the @GulshanKumar, I am too using GeneratePress and I found it best WordPress Themes for the non-techies…
And yes their Money back guarantee is also reliable…