Why search results (SERP) are different?

I have noticed for same ‘Search term’ ranking of Google results is different on Desktop and Mobile. Why ? anyone have some idea ? @Pramod_Yadav @saurav_556 @rajdeep @AbhishekVerma

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It is likely that you will experience some difference in serp.

It depends upon a lot of factor like page experience, indexing, relevance, UX of the site, etc.

For example i have a detailed blogpost with lota of large table and it naile the answer to the query and ranks 1st in desktop.
But same may not be true for mobile as the table could be hard to read and user may bounce back.

However there are only a few queries for which SERP can vary wildly. Mostly its 90% identical

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Yeah. But that’s completely fine. Google search results are not like of DDG or Yahoo.

The results in Google SERPs depends on a lot of factors. Like a website with much mobile friendly layout will rank better on mobile. AMP also comes into role because it is build for mobile phones not desktop so, don’t worry about all this.

This is going on from a long-time and it is good for users as Google mainly focus on UX.

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Google becomes smarter more and more and more…

You should also take some inspiration. Just saying

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