Why we started again?

Due to a technical glitch, we missed images in all our posts. When I realised about this issue it was too late and till that I don’t had previous date backup. I had two choices.

  1. Keep old forum with its content and all broken images.
    – I could have accepted this by manually removing broken images and paste new, but what was more frustrating even newly uploaded images by users were turning broken automatically.

  2. Starting a fresh to serve bug-free experience.

PS. I still have old forum server with its data. In case you have anything to say, do let me know.

Archive of old forum



It’s Okay. It feels like shifting to a new home. :grin:

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Great, I m in now.

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I was asked to register again! It’s a new beginning after a long COVID Break :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


It is ok. Just keep the archived version running and don’t discontinue it. As it has some good information, which we may want to refer now and then.