Why we started again?

Due to a technical glitch, we missed images in all our posts. When I realised this issue it was too late and till that I don’t have a previous data backup. I had two choices.

  1. Keep the old forum with its content and all broken images.
    – I could have accepted this by manually removing broken images and pasting new ones, but what was more frustrating even newly uploaded images by users were turning broken automatically.

  2. Starting a fresh serve bug-free experience.

PS. I still have the old forum server with its data. In case you have anything to say, do let me know.



It’s Okay. It feels like shifting to a new home. :grin:

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Great, I m in now.

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I was asked to register again! It’s a new beginning after a long COVID Break :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


It is ok. Just keep the archived version running and don’t discontinue it. As it has some good information, which we may want to refer now and then.


Oh wow, haha thought you kicked me out for a second.

Welcome back :slight_smile:

A small question, I am about to create a forum for my website, a little insight would be helpful. I don’t know which plugin to trust on this. My website is on wordpress.

As this forum is on discourse, are you paying monthly or can it be done with opensource free version?.

I have checked out various forum plugins and options such as vanilla forums, mybb, phpbb, chronoforms joomla, discourse among others. I found vanilla forums and discourse forum layouts most appealing. As I am starting out, would like to play around with open source but does not know the limitations of either vanilla forums or discourse.


I miss all my old Veteran Badges