Will doing this cause any SEO issues?

So I had a domain name on which I worked for about a year and had posted around 500 articles on it but not all of them were evergreen content, I would say maybe 200 were out of those 500.

However a few months back I stopped working on it and the hosting even got expired but I had a backup of the site as well as the articles.

My question is that I bought the hosting to activate the site again, so far it’s up and running fine but I don’t want to restore the whole site, I just want to add the good articles again on it, will doing this affect the site in any way in the long term?


Continue. Adding good articles is a best idea.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

One more question, i will be redirecting all the 404 errors to the homepage that were caused due to the inactivity of the website, since i will not restore the backup but just copy the good articles and post them again, the structure and URL will be different now. That won’t be an issue right? since the content still belongs to the same domain.

  • Better fix the page by showing relevant info
  • or leave at 404

More details from Yoast

Okay lol

So from the article i assume i create a good 404 page explaining or asking user to visit the homepage or put a search bar to ask them to search for what they are looking for? Basically create a good 404 page?

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Yes they should see “Page not found” with search box or recent posts.

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Thank you so much for your help, i will do that

You’re welcome!

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