Will it have any ranking significance?

Hi there,

I keep on getting a hell of notification telling that some of my top pages are loading slow. Here is a screenshot.

Is it having any significant influence on Google Ranking. So that I can work on improving the speed again.

Check those page speed indifferent tools like gtmetrix pingdom pagespeedinsight. Any score above:-4-5 sec is really bad and needs immediate look into

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For speed, do not destroy user experience or whatever features you believe required for proper functioning of website. Rest, as much as possible, according to server capabilities you can tune performance.


Just ignore notifications like this.

I am not able to understand your blog. Whatever it is but you ranking is very good on some keywords

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Can’t understand what?

Btw, still struggling for traffic. U have any suggestions? :grinning:

I saw you on the keywords that are friendly to the law enforcement :slight_smile:
or against TOS of some XYZ Company

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