Will never buy a Gig on Fiverr for customizing blogger theme


I installed freeware theme on my custom domain blogger and installed SSL. The theme itself comes with an error. On homepage, the post images were looked blur and compressed. I found no solution on Google. So, I contacted a seller on Fiverr. He accepted to fix the issue for $20. Within 2 hours he fixed the issue.

Then, after few hours, when I checked the site on all major browsers, it was showing a warning stating, “this page is trying to load script from unauthenticated sources”.

I again contacted Fiverr seller regarding this new issue. He said that it’s normal; Sometimes browser gets confused or maybe it’s an issue with blogger provided SSL.

I opened a thread in Blogger forum and asked about this issue. Someone provided a tool to check for mixed content issue. I checked my site on whynopadlock tool. I was surprised and worried with the results. A javascript code containing seller’s profile link was the reason for the issue. The code was served over HTTP.

I couldn’t find the javascript in blogger theme. Then, I inspected the site for the code. On the console section, I found that JavaScript was hidden using big annoying codes. Then I removed the entire code. This fixed the issue and my headache too.

I paid money for fixing a problem but the seller had created another problem.

It’s like I paid him to add his link on my site.

It took 10 hours for me to know all these things. Finally, I learned a lesson and solved.


Never buying anything from fiverr is not a good thing… What you should do is learn and deal properly with sellers next time.


Bro, I said that I will never buy a Fiverr gig for blogger customization.

I will deal properly in the next time. Thanks.


I hired a pakistani dev to create wordpress plugin two days ago he do something same and I have to cancel order.

Not all seller are same, you hire an dev to create theme instead of choosing free theme.
Because free theme comes with too much encrupted code and waste js


Better contact fiverr support regarding same and explain them everything. They are in favour of buyers all time.
You can teach him a hard lesson this way


In my case, theme dev is Pakistani and Fiverr seller is Bangladeshi.


Will contact the support team. Thanks


Unfortunately, rant is not solution.

First off, it’s not just Fiverr. Nothing is perfect.

“Mixed content error” not a big deal. Can happens with any one even experienced developer, and at well known website too. It’s basically not an error but more like an human’s mistake.

Your site was using HTTPS and some external script loaded from HTTP which caused below issue.

  • You lost padlock
  • You noticed warning message in the browser.

Maybe seller simply installed the template and forget.

It’s a mistake from both end.

  • Buyer should pro-actively check before accepting the delivery. You could ask for revision if there was wrong.

  • Seller must check properly majority of pages to assure there is no mess. He had sufficient time.

There are two types of Buyer.

  • One who pro-actively cooperate seller and resolve the issue happily.

  • One who place order and forget.

First one is better in my opinion. :smiley:


That’s really annoying…


Please have a look at this snapshot. The .js is the reason for mixed content error. If he served this code over https, I may not find his encrypted code. I tried the edited theme on subdomain to take snapshot.

var dfp = (typeof das_footprint == 'undefined') ? ">>>" : das_footprint; console.log(dfp + " ~ abc was here, doing magic! - https://www.fiverr.com/hidden-abcd");

He wanted to display some profile link in the browser console that would be generally visible to a developer.

He shouldn’t have added such kind of footprint without consent.