Will Server response time improve if we change the domain registrar?

This is my website url: BlogHeist

My initial server response time is very high. By just going through the metrics, I can understand that it takes longer for DNS lookup.

I just wanted to know if the server response time will improve if I change the domain registrar?

Use cloudflare free DNS or any Premium DNS service, it will reduce the DNS lookup time.

Short answer: No.

1. DNS Lookup

It depends on few things

A) TLD server speed

:white_check_mark: You’re using .com which has decent speed. Some TLD like .io, .xyz are slowest. Read case-study.

B) Authoritative Nameservers:

:white_check_mark: You’re using Cloudflare NS. It’s fast enough.

C) Cache status

:timer_clock: Increase TTL can help. Overriding isn’t possible with CF Proxy but only in case of DNS only mode.

:vertical_traffic_light: Increasing traffic at site can help indirectly in improving DNS lookup time because mosf of the time response would be cached in the ISP DNS resolver. In other words, a popular site can have faster DNS lookup time compared to a fairly new domain with less or no real-time traffic.

2. Server Response Time (also known as TTFB)

A distance between server to testing location will impact the TTFB. Longer distance, high TTFB. Shorter distance, fast TTFB. To mitigate this issue, you have two ways -

  • If you get majority of traffic from a single country in this case avoiding Cloudflare or any proxy would be better in most cases. Apart from that using country-based server can help in achieving faster performance.

  • For globally faster TTFB under 100ms, traditional page caching plugin isn’t sufficient. You need to cache pages at edge server of CDN via Sucuri or Cloudflare.

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Thanks @GulshanKumar and @rajdeep

I installed Cloudflare and it has helped me fix the TTFB issue. I optimized my Breeze cache plugin and Cloudflare settings to ensure a fast loading website for desktop as per Google Pagespeed Insights.

But then I am unable to boost the speed of Mobile website.

I have managed to eliminate render blocking resources. Still pagespeed remains low for mobile.

Pagespeed Insights

Any ideas and suggestions.