Will spammy backlinks to a single post affect the whole domain?

Just curious,

If someone sends spam backlinks to any of your posts, will the whole domain be affected?

Yes. It will affect your whole site. so it is better to disavow spammy backlinks


Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

Usually depends on the size of your site. And if the overall site authority is good then even those spam links help… :crazy_face:

I was waiting for your answer lol.

What about when you redirect a domain to your new site? I have a domain name with good backlink profile and i wanted to redirect it to a new domain that i bought.

Now since i redirect its going to generate alot of backlinks in a small period if time which google might consider as spam or does it??

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Some one continue making back links from po*n website and keywords for my website and blog post. I have uploaded 25 website list for disavow in webmaster. But he is continue making these type backlinks. How I can solve this problem.

Nah, that can also be considered as merging two sites which happens a lot. So if two similar sites are combined then one is redirected to another.

If done correctly, the traffic will rise suddenly else nothing.

Thanks alot for the clarification :slight_smile:

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