Will the HD images will slow down my blog?


Hi All,

i have one question about the blog images.
I am adding HD images in each of my blog post. The size of image is approx 300-400KB. So, I am curiious to know that, is there any impact on the blog speed if we add HD images.

I saw on the internet that, if the blog has HD images it loads late even images loads late.

or Should I add the featured images insted of in the blog post.



Even good quality images can be adjusted to around 100 KB size. Heavy images will make the user experience of your site bad. Load time should be as low as possible.


Yes, you are right.

I am using 2 image compression plugin to make the size less than 50KB so that the URL will load fast.

  1. Add them as featured image only. Do not add in blog post
  2. HD image is a psychological thing. Even HD wallpapers are like 50-60 kb. So above 1200 px image is useless and wont help in ranking. You might be feeling good by giving HD images but it serves no purpose.

So keep high resolution 1200 px images as featured image.

Use compressor.io to compress the images or use WP Smush free version or SHORTPIXEL pro paid version. If u are worried about resolution, choose LOSSLESS resizing in these softwares

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I use SVG file format :sunglasses:


Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation.