Will this trick work in SEO?

Hey guys! I am planning to write some amazon affilite product review. That’s why I am trying to add best snippest.

I found some plugins to fulfil my requirement, example - wp review lite. But in free version there are some limitation.

So I am trying to design template with pure html and CSS.

Here are my work**(example not final output)**

I done this with html, But I have doubt - I am 100% sure it will impress user and may get more sells, But when it comes to Google and SEO, will it work?

I don’t think so.

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Will anything new tips or tricks work or not? Is all depends on implementation and patience.

Although, I haven’t tried this ever and assuming that any other member hasn’t tried it before so I can’t give you any opinion that is it better to do or not.

But, Google gives the attention upon the users reaction towards your site. So if it can create positive response from users on your website, then it will help you otherwise don’t.


Hmm! :thinking: This line is important.

The user rating could help if you use schema. You can try :slight_smile:

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The visual design is good for user.

For Search engine bots, you also need to follow schema implementation guidelines.

The most recommended way to implement schema markup is JSON-LD.

As long your website passes structural data validation, the review markup will appear in the SERPs.

Hint: This is how you can implement

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