Will url change affect ranking?


Please give suggestions.
I have written some good long posts 3-4 years back. They are ranking at 7-8 position, but url are very long, equal to length of title. I had no clue of seo back then so these url don’t have focus keyword also.

So if i change url now (by 301 redirection) and make them short and seo friendly, will it improve my rankings to better position ?

Thanks in advance.



Yes, you can edit the URL and you won’t face any issues as long as 301 redirect is in place. Backlinks will also pass.


Thanks for reply Bro :slight_smile: so will it boost rankings also ?


No, it will not.


So :confused: it has no use ?


Shorten URLs are user-friendly. If you shorten a long URL, there won’t be any changes to your rank.