Wodpress on Litespeed enterprise?


Anyone has any idea to install worpress on LSWS or Litespeed Enterprise?
I can see there are tons of tutorials on Openlitespeed but nothing on LSWS without cyberpanel/cpanel. Not a big fan of panels…

Any help will be much appreciated.

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Contact @GulshanKumar for this

I am running my WordPress site on Litespeed. Could you explain your requirement, so that I can support you?

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I am looking to install wordpress on Litespeed enterprise on my cloud instance.

Who is your hosting provider?

I am Hosting Provider and I do have Data Center in US, UK and India.
With whom is your server with?
Is it VPS (or) Dedicated?
Did you purchased Enterprise License?

The best combination could be, WHM, Cloudlinux and Litespeed in my view.

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Best but costly.

What do you recommend openlitespeed or litespeed?

Prefer Litespeed!
But didn’t tried OpenLSP…

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Why do you want to use litespeed?

I have openlitespeed enterprise.

Just to check the real life difference between Nginx AND litespeed Enterprise, currently the website is on Nginx.

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