Wondering which type of device you prefer

Hi everyone!
Hope you are doing amazing! :slight_smile:

What type of device do you use for your regular online work?

  • Desktop + Smartphone
  • Laptop + Smartphone
  • Smartphone only

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I find all have their important place.

While I am working for long, I use Desktop and Laptop / Smartphone while travelling.

Let me know how do you manage your work.

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I use Laptop and sometimes iPad as a secondary display and iPad or my phone while travelling.


@hindiki Interesting to see you prefer mobile only.

Do you use any Android app for writing blog post?

I use only chrome browser for writing blog post . Actually I write only Hindi post and Google voice typing is best for Hindi typing.

I use Squoosh and Canva app for image.


I had a laptop but it was stolen, So there is no laptop for me…

But yes, When I have to work for a long time… I use Desktop and I feel comfortable working on Desktop instead of Laptop…

And all other works, Like managing social media, forums, Reading emails and replying them… I manage through my phone.

Tried a lot to write when out of town but it never worked for me… It is very hard to write a blog post using a Mobile Device…

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You can also use official WordPress app for writing posts. Later you can use the browser for setting keywords and all.

I found it troublesome typing long posts in Android browser.


I never bought Laptop still, instead I am quite changing my desktop often with higher upgraded version for the production. Secondarily, I am using 3 various brand Smartphones while travelling. Thinking of buying a laptop, but don’t know when I will firmly fix to buy one.

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yup! I used sometimes.

Which laptop you use ? (Configuration and brand)

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I use Wipro Laptop. It is based on Dual core I3 processor. Works fine with Windows 7 or Ubuntu

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I use Lenovo IdeaPad 510, Ci5 7th gen, 8GB, 1TB, 4GB 940MX


One of favourite in school time.

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What is the price of this laptop? :astonished: :neutral_face: I thought you must be using some heavy configuration laptop of 1-2 lakh price range.

7 years back, I got this laptop in INR 33K

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7 years ? :see_no_evil: it looks brand new :sunglasses:

Original? :no_mouth:

Yeah. @GulshanKumar is very caring :slight_smile:

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Yes, it is original.


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