WordPress 5.5 Coming: Here's what you may get

WordPress 5.5 is coming very soon, and this time with a lot of new and great features. I recently tested the beta version on my localhost and found that great.

Here, I am listing the things that may be coming very soon with the new WordPress 5.5 update:

  1. Gutenberg is more powerful: As per the beta update, the Gutenberg editor is going to be more powerful and now it doesn’t come under a post editor category instead, it’s more of a page builder. Gutenberg is coming with a lot of new features like Gradient background, cards, CSS Transformation, and some additional transitions.

  2. Auto-update plugins/themes: Now, WordPress will provide you an option through which you can enable auto-update for a particular plugin.

  3. Manually Update is now easier: Along with auto-update, WordPress made it easy to manually update plugins without and replace the older version. Now, you don’t need to delete the previous version and upload and activate it.

  4. Lazy Load images: Now, WordPress added this feature natively.

  5. Moving Blocks in Gutenberg: Similarly to Elementor, Gutenberg now supports drag and drop.

  6. Copy/Paste style: You can now copy and paste style of blocks, like with Elementor.

  7. XML Sitemaps: Now, WordPress is also providing XML Sitemaps by default, learn more about it here.

  8. Multiple Device Preview: WordPress added a multiple device preview in Gutenberg, now you can see a live preview of your posts and pages according to different screen sizes.

Well, these are the features that I noticed in the WordPress beta update, if you know some more please reply and I will update this list.

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Thank You,
Abhishek Verma


I am personally excited about Lazy Loading features. We no longer need to rely on Image Lazy Loading plugin.


Point No.4 and 5 are most exciting features. As this is will reduce use of at-least one external plugin.

Its Already there