Wordpress Always shows Updating after Publishing a post

Hi, after i create and publish a post, Wordpress always shows the status ''Updating"

However, If i click back icon i dont get any warning to save. Which means the post is saved already.

Please help.

  • Which all plugins are in use? Try deactivating one by one and find the cause.

Now i tried to deactivate the caching plugin and other plugins. but no use.

Some more background.

Yesterday I created new vulte server and started off with one click wordpress.

Should i need to perform any cache settings at server level?

P.S.: Nginx server is used in the vultr server instance.

Is it recommended to install redis cache as described in this link: https://www.vultr.com/docs/how-to-configure-wordpress-with-redis

The problem was with the SSL certificates.

I found from the link https://wordpress.org/support/topic/this-little-save-button-keeps-going-around-and-not-saving/

as suggested in the link, I installed really simple ssl plugin which by default makes all the links as https and now the publish functionality works fine. :slight_smile:

A good news, WP 5.7 handle this gracefully.

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