WordPress Duplicate Image Issue

Hi there,

Sometimes when I upload an image to my blog, it automatically gets uploaded twice with names like image.png and image-1.png.


How to fix it?


  • Take a server level backup.

  • Now, check in safe mode.

Safe mode means all plugins disabled and using default theme.


Sometimes it happens to me.
{Solution worked for me} open the media library on post when you’re going to upload an image and then upload.

I think you will don’t get the double image problem.

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But why this happen all of a sudden?

There is thing on internet known as :beetle:

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I too got these duplicate images in library from last week. any WordPress bug?

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Even I think the same!

I’m getting from last 2month.
Better that first open your media library then upload the image.
Sometimes for weak connection and browser issue it may happen too frequently.

And welcome @voice to HGK. :partying_face:

Which WordPress version are you using?

I am using Version 5.4.2. How to get rid of all these duplicate images with -1 at the end?

image.jpg is original
image-1.jpg is duplicate

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