Wordpress Multisite Traffic

I want to know if using a multi site is good?
Also about the traffic & Seo? If traffic to all the sites under Multi-site counts as one or different. Like does the traffic count for main domain will be the total of all the sites. And is it harmful if we have to cater specific nich under each site, with different content & audience?

Kindly help me out.

Each sites are treated as unique.

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Traffic to each site is independent if you’re using the wordpress-mu-domain mapping plugin. If you’re running sites in sub-directory then it is all the part of same domain. on sub domains, it is all different sites on same domain.

Technically, all the traffic ends up on the same server so it’s not very bandwidth efficient without CDN & caching.

You can easily start a multi site setup on wordpress with a properly configured domain mapping, there shouldn’t be any issue.

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So if I run sites in a subdirectory in WordPress Multi Sites, then does the traffic count for the main domain will be the total count of traffic on all the sites.

And also I want to know about google indexing for the same. So google will index sites in sub-directory as independent or one under the main domain?

Going ahead and the way google have brought changes in past 1 year i just have one suggestion. If you try to go for a large website that caters all.
You will end up being jack of all trades and master of none. Everyone including google knows a single guy cannot be expert in every Field right. So, you will not have any authority compared to more niche dedicated site.
Also, you will need a team of writers and more to create and manage such a huge site. So, be aware and move cautiously.

Sub directories will NOT be listed as independent sites however, subdomain sites will be considered independent sites.

Yes, traffic on all sub-directories will be counted against your main domain but then, Why enter the complexity of creating a multi-site setup, You can simply use wordpress to serve everything using categories for each niche.